What’s a MetroBOX Storage Unit?

A 100% Australian made, structurally engineered, built to last wooden box with a generous 10m3 of storage space!

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How Big is a MetroBOX Storage Box?

MetroBOX storage pods are 2.4m(H) x 2.3m(D) x 1.8m(W). That means they each have enough internal space to hold 10 whole cubic meters (10m3) !

But 10m3 of storage space is not the same as 10m3 of space in your house or garage. In your house or garage, you need space to stretch your legs and maneuver around between your belongings. In a storage box, your belongings can be neatly stacked and tightly fitted all the way up to the roof, like in a game of Tetris.

And because our MetroBOXes are transported out to your location by our awesome MetroBOX removalists, who are trained and experienced at loading MetroBOXes to maximum capacity with professionalism and care.

Each MetroBOX can usually fit:

  • All the contents of a whole, single one bedroom or studio apartment.
  • All the contents of a lightly furnished one bedroom home.
  • All the contents of a standard 3 person office.
  • Or just a few smaller items and pieces of furniture, if you don’t need so much stored.
Handy Tip:

For a visual aid, try our quick storage calculator, or simply see how easily this king size mattress fits into the width of the MetroBOX frame:

What’s A MetroBOX Storage Pod made from?

Our MetroBOXes are all 100% Australian made and come with a structural engineering certificate. They are each constructed from a durable composite of structural wood that’s super strong and built to last!

One reason we make our storage pods from structural wood is because it can breathe. That means our storage pods can absorb moisture from the air, which prevents mould and pests. It’s important that long term storage modules are breathable because most people store their belongings for a long time and we can’t check or access the inside without the owner present. We wouldn’t want anyone to open their MetroBOX after a few months of storage and find anything but their belongings in the same perfect condition as when they went in. So it’s important that the storage box is made from material that prevents and discourages mould and mildew from developing inside.

The other reason we use structural wood is because it’s deceptively strong: this is the wood that houses are built from. Other storage companies build their storage boxes from either non-structural composite plywood or metal. We have found the plywood is too fragile and is easily damaged. And the metal containers can’t breathe or absorb moisture, so are prone to developing mould if left closed and unattended for long periods of time.

That’s why each MetroBOX has been engineered to stand the test of time!


How Secure Is A MetroBOX Storage Locker?

The MetroBOX storage locker itself is very secure. It’s made from strong, durable structural wood that won’t break and is always under supervision. Your MetroBOX will never be left unattended or out in the open anywhere outside of our secure storage facility.

When your MetroBOX arrives, you (or your appointed representative) are required to supervise the loading process. Then you lock your MetroBOX with a sturdy (free) padlock before it leaves your watchful eye. And you keep the only key.

We don’t retain a copy of your key. So if you lose your key, you will need to sign a consent form for us to break the padlock with specialist tools under your supervision. In that case, after you have accessed your MetroBOX, you will once again need to lock your MetroBOX with a new padlock and keep that new key before the MetroBOX leaves your supervision.

Even More Safety Features At Our Secure Box Storage Facilities

Once the MetroBOX arrives at our modern, indoor storage warehouse, it is placed under further lock and key with our high level, 24/7 security surveillance. To access your MetroBOX, you would have to come to our office during business hours and sign in with our warehouse attendants. Then we need to bring your MetroBOX out of the storage area and into the loading bay for you to unlock and access. No one is allowed past the MetroBOX storage loading bay unless they are official MetroBOX personnel, so no one else would have any way to access your belongings.

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