The Dilemma of Long Term Travel

So you’re off on an adventure! Where are you going? What are your plans? How long are you going for? Do you even care? Planning (or not planning) and booking your travel adventure is the exciting part: making sure you have something good to come home to might seem a little more tedious. Until the coming home part. That’s why you might need MetroBOX mobile storage while travelling: to cover all your bases and give you true freedom to roam.

Long term travel usually requires a little more planning than your average holiday. Firstly, there’s the flights, travel, accommodation and fun things to do at your destinations. Then there’s the savings so you have money to spend, and a little ‘just in case’ cash while you’re away. Then there’s all the more practical points: giving notice at work (unless your work is sending you), letting the tax department and other government departments know (separately) that you’re going, subletting or moving out of your home and saying goodbye to everyone.

But the real question is:
What to do with all your belongings while you’re away?

The easy solution is to pack it all up into storage while you’re travelling. And even better: into MetroBOX secure storage because we can come to your address, pick everything up and make sure it’s all professionally wrapped and packed. That way all your furniture and belongings are still in the same usable condition when you get back as they were as when they went into storage. Plus, just for an added bonus, we can also redeliver and unload your belongings directly into your new home anywhere in the Metro area when you get back.

True Freedom To Roam

Whether your travelling for an extended work trip or you’re off on an unplanned adventure, long term travel can feel a little like letting go of your kite strings. It’s invigorating and exciting! But adventure inevitably comes with those nostalgic moments when you think about returning home. Or in the worst case, when you might need to cut your trip short and head home in a hurry. No matter how long or far you travel, that old cliché “home is where the heart is” still rings true.

But what really instils true confidence and freedom to roam is that you always have a home to come back to. There is somewhere in the world waiting for your return and when you get there, unlike wherever you travel, you won’t have to start from scratch. All your fond memories, family, friends, career and all your accumulated belongings are waiting all the while you are experiencing life on the road. That’s the simple peace of mind that MetroBOX mobile storage can provide while you’re off on adventures.

It’s the best of both worlds:
Go forth and live your life to the fullest.
We’ll take good care of your belongings till you’re ready to come back. 


MetroBOX Mobile Storage While Travelling

There are so many advantages to choosing MetroBOX storage while you’re travelling:

  1. We will bring the storage unit to your home to pick up and pack up your storage
  2. We can return deliver it to wherever you find yourself when you get back (even if it’s not exactly the same place).
  3. Our professional removalists will make sure you get maximum efficiency out of each storage box. And they’ll even make sure all your precious belongings are properly wrapped in furniture blankets and packed in properly so they don’t get jumbled around or damaged during transit.
  4. And, of course, our removalists are super-efficient aka. fast: they can pack up an average MetroBOX in about an hour. So no matter how many last minute surprises pop up and how short on time you suddenly become in the weeks before a big trip, you’ll still have time to get your belongings into secure storage.

MetroBOX are happy to come and pick up your belonging for you. We’ll save you all that precious pre-travel time and stress for more important things – like spending more time with your friends and family.

Secure Storage Till You Get Back 

MetroBOX will keep your belongings secure and safe till you get back whenever and from wherever, you roam.

Then once you’re back, you may want your belongings delivered right away, or you may prefer to wait a while till you find a new place and get all settled in. Either way is fine with us: when you’re ready for delivery, simply call us to book in a date and we’ll deliver all your storage anywhere in the metro Melbourne area for FREE.  If you request return delivery anywhere in the same metro zone, we’ll even unload it for you for the same upfront, fixed price as you’re original loading fee.

Whenever you find your way home, you can get set up again in a
jiffy with MetroBOX mobile storage in Melbourne or Sydney.

It’s really too easy!