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How many MetroBOXES?

How many MetroBOXES do I need? 

Storage Calculator

How much do you need to store/move?

SizeHow Many
Few Items1 MetroBOX (Holds 10m3)
1 Bedroom / Studio1 MetroBOX (Holds 10m3)
2 Bedroom Home2 MetroBOXES (Holds 20m3)
3 Bedroom Home3 MetroBOXES (Holds 30m3)
4 Bedroom Home4 MetroBOXES (Holds 40m3)
5 Bedroom Home5 MetroBOXES (Holds 50m3)

If you’re unsure how many MetroBOXes you need, talk to our Storage gurus or ask us to bring an extra MetroBOX just in case. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.

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