MetroBOX’s Affordable Self Storage


When you get a MetroBOX self-storage price quote online, it will include everything you need, including GST, from A-Z.

But what does that mean? What else is included in our “all inclusive” honest, up front quote prices?

In short summary, you get:

  • The lowest self-storage prices per month
  • All MetroBOX transportation included for FREE!
  • An upfront, fixed price quote for your professional removalist loading fees
    (which you can split into 3 or 6 monthly payments – INTEREST FREE!)
  • Excellent storage service with FREE ACCESS 6 days a week
  • GST, taxes, petrol and tollway costs already included
  • Professional moving equipment and aids included for free!
  • Free, brand new padlocks for every MetroBOX you order.
  • Top 24/7 security for your belongings at our secure storage warehouse.
  • Low cost storage insurance underwritten by Allianz, one of the storage industry insurance leaders.

Looking for the fine print?
Read on for everything you need to know about our affordable storage prices.

No Metro Transportation Fees

When you order a MetroBOX mobile storage unit to be delivered anywhere in our Sydney or Melbourne Metro area zones 1 & 2, MetroBOX transportation is included for FREE.

That means:

  • We deliver your MetroBOXes for FREE
  • We transport your MetroBOXes back to our storage facility for FREE
  • When you’re finished with storage, we will redeliver your MetroBOXes for FREE
  • The return trip of your empty MetroBOXes to our storage facility is also FREE!

That’s why we don’t simply say ‘free delivery’ like so many other mobile storage companies: because when you order mobile storage, there are four transportation journeys involved: not just the original delivery. We do all four transportations for FREE – which is so much more than just a simple ‘free storage delivery!’

Plus, we also won’t charge you for petrol, tollways or any other delivery related fees: it’s all included for FREE!

That’s why no matter how you play around with the options on our storage quote page, you won’t see any delivery fees.


Upfront, Fixed Removalist Uplift Quote For Mobile Storage

Little known fact: storage isn’t so convenient for anyone who isn’t:

  • Strong
  • Healthy
  • Have friends or family to help
  • Already own furniture removalist equipment, like dollies and trollies, furniture pads and straps
  • Have a big enough car.
  • Have lots of spare time
  • Loves to use their spare time for tasks like storage.

That pretty much cuts out most of the population.

That’s why MetroBOX has coupled secure storage with our professional moving services. Our skilled local movers can transport your storage box to your location (and back again) in our custom moving-size trucks.

Our professional removalists can also do all the heavy lifting for you to load up and unload your storage unit, for a low, fixed moving service price (and the loading fee can even be split into 3 or 6 interest free payments).

They are experienced removalists, so arrive with the complimentary removalist aids and equipment and know exactly what fits in where, how to get the most of your storage space and how to wrap it all up to keep your belongings safe and secured in place.

And finally, they are so much quicker: rather than spend hours or days going back and forth taking your storage to a storage facility, they can have all your storage locked and loaded in approximately an hour per MetroBOX.

All you need to do is watch them work, lock it up and keep the key!

MetroBOX gives you the easiest end-to-end removals and storage solutions
for one fixed self-storage price.


Cheapest Storage Prices Per Month

MetroBOX not only gives you all these extras for FREE already included in your quoted storage costs, but aside from these freebies, we still provide one of the most competitive, ie. cheapest, self-storage prices in Melbourne or Sydney. Other companies might quote less, but you also get a smaller storage space, no quality of service or you have to pay extra for what they consider ‘additional storage services.’

For more specific information, just check out our easy “apples with apples” comparison table on our storage compared page here.

More Free Stuff Already Included

There’s a whole lot more to getting your stuff into storage than just renting the storage box itself. You need to box and wrap it all up, transfer your things to the storage, stack everything properly so it won’t get damaged and lock it all up securely. Most storage companies will rent out the space and then you can pay more to rent out some of the tools and protective wrappings you need to get it all into secure storage. But not at MetroBOX.

At MetroBOX, when we say “all inclusive” self-storage price quote, we don’t just mean GST. We also mean that price includes getting your belongings professionally packed into your MetroBOX and transferred to our nearest secure storage facility. It also includes all travel expenses, such as petrol, tollways, our removalists’ travel times and logistic taxes. And it also means you get the following included for free:

  • Furniture blankets and padding to keep your furniture protecting during moving and storing.
  • Furniture straps to secure your belongings in place and so they don’t get jumbled during transit
  • Moving aids and equipment, like trollies and dollies – this might help our removalists, but it also means your belongings are transferred more securely and more efficiently
  • Brand new padlocks for every MetroBOX – you get a new padlock straight out of the packet and you keep the only keys.

At MetroBOX, we consider moving your belongings into storage part and parcel of storage – not an additional extra.
That’s why all this free stuff is already included in your


MetroBOX Honest Storage Price Quote Guarantee!

Your instant, online MetroBOX storage quote will show you the final, all-inclusive price you’ll pay for the MetroBOX services you request. That includes GST, tolls, any other taxes, stairs and absolutely everything else. No hidden storage costs. No additional extras.

That’s our MetroBOX Honest Self-Storage Price Quote Guarantee!

Get An All-Inclusive Self-Storage Price Online With MetroBOX


Outside Metro Mobile Storage Delivery Zones

Did you know we can still deliver your MetroBOXes anywhere in Victoria or NSW OUTSIDE our designated metro delivery zones? The only difference is you’ll need to call or email us for a customized, all-inclusive quote.

Because outside our Metro zones, MetroBOX transportation is not included for free.

(That’s why we just can’t provide you with an all-inclusive storage price directly on our website quote page.)

MetroBOX Interstate Moving

Another advantage to using a MetroBOX is that our professional removalists can carefully wrap and pack your belongings into your MetroBOXes and then transport them interstate (anywhere in Victoria or Sydney).

When you book a MetroBOX storage units to move interstate to within another MetroBOX zone, you also get a fixed, all inclusive moving price directly on our website. If you need either your storage pick-up or delivery to anywhere outside our metro zones, you may need to call us directly for a custom quote.

And we’ll even give you up to one month of free storage included in the same fixed price, just in case you need some extra time to get yourself sorted out.

Booking Self Storage Insurance

Booking affordable storage insurance with MetroBOX is actually pretty easy ($10 per month for up to $5,000 of comprehensive cover) because it’s not really a high risk for the insurance company (the insurance product is underwritten by Allianz, who are specialists in storage insurance). All your belongings are locked up securely in a fire-compliant, secure facility and that’s where it stays until you’re ready to redeem it all. And storage insurance usually only covers the improbably possibility of a fire, flood or theft at the storage facility.

In fact, if you already have home and contents insurance, you should check with your agent to see if your policy also covers your belongings for fire, theft and flood while they are in secure storage. In most cases, it will.

In addition to storage insurance, there are two other kinds of insurance you should be aware of:

  1. MetroBOX’s standard Public Liability Insurance (up to $20 million): This is automatically included whenever you book self-storage with us.
  2. Removalist Insurance: Our MetroBOX movers are careful and experienced drivers, but storage insurance and public liability insurance won’t cover the rare cases of a road collision, accident or unavoidable damage that may occur during transportation, loading or unloading. If you’re concerned and just want some extra peace of mind, you are welcome to fill out the Carts Removals Insurance application online here. It takes less than 5 minutes and then you’re covered – for peace of mind.

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