MetroBOX Is The Most Secure Storage Option

We’ll never leave your storage unguarded!


MetroBOX End-to-End Storage Security

When you’re searching for the most secure storage solutions, look no further than MetroBOX storage. From the moment we bring your MetroBOX storage unit to your address, your belongings are always under a watchful eye.

Many other mobile storage companies will leave the storage unit on your front lawn, on the street or in your driveway, giving you plenty of time to load it up yourself over a few days or weeks. But  that also means thieves have plenty of time to plan and break in to your storage unit while it’s sitting unattended.

With MetroBOX, we bring your storage unit to your address and our efficient, professional removalists will load it up with your valued belongings straight away – while you watch. Even while it’s being loaded up, it never gets lifted off our truck. That means your storage unit is never sitting out in the open with the far side exposed to vandals and thieves.


24/7 Surveillance At Our Secure Self-Storage Facility

Once your MetroBOX is transported back to our nearest storage warehouse, it’s unloaded straight inside. Our modern storage facilities are clean, well-maintained and are always under 24/7 surveillance.

So your storage unit is always under surveillance and locked securely in our facility. No one has access to your MetroBOX but you (or your authorised representative) – not even our own MetroBOX staff!

That’s how we can ensure that everything you put into your MetroBOX storage unit is what you will find there at the end of your storage term.

MetroBOX has the most secure storage in town!


Secure Storage With Booked Access

When you, or anyone else, wants to access your MetroBOX storage unit while it’s under our care, the access is free. But you will need to book your visit with our storage consultants ahead of time.

That’s because to access your MetroBOX, we will need to bring it to the visitor’s loading bay area. Once you are finished accessing your MetroBOX, we lock it up again and then we will put it back in position inside our secure storage facility.

That’s how we can be sure that no-one else has any access your MetroBOX  – or your belongings.

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MetroBOX’s Safe Storage Protocols

How do you know what other customers have put into their storage units?

Another less obvious storage security advantage that MetroBOX has over many of our competitors is that our experienced removalists will load all the belongings into the storage unit for you. That means that we can be sure that everything that goes into each MetroBOX is safe.

Our professional removalists will not load any dangerous, flammable, perishable or liquid items into your MetroBOX. And they won’t load any such items into any other MetroBOXes either.

Other self-storage companies may have policies against storing these items, but how can they monitor what people load into their own units? How can you be sure that someone else hasn’t put a leaky waterbed into the storage unit next to yours? Or even worse: that they haven’t snuck any explosive materials in their storage units? Because we load all the MetroBOXes ourselves, we can properly monitor the contents of each unit. You can be sure that despite having no access to any of our storage units, we know that all the items in our secure storage warehouse are safe.

That means that with MetroBOX, all your stored items are safe and secure as well.

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