Removals And Storage Services Combined


Professional Removalists & Storage For A Fixed Price Anywhere In Melbourne?

What A Great Idea!

Most self-storage companies provide a simple service that rents out space to store your things. Then it’s up to you to do all the heavy lifting, transportation and packing all your belongings into your storage rental space. But renting storage space, in most cases, is very much like moving home or office: there’s usually a lot of heavy lifting and transportation involved:

  • Lugging your stuff to the storage warehouse.
  • Lifting everything out of your car.
  • Carrying it all into the storage space.
  • Stacking it all up so you have enough space to fit everything.

What about people with a sore back or a bung knee? What if you don’t have a big enough car? What if you don’t have the time spare, or you’d simply rather use your spare time for something else?

Our parent moving company, MetroMovers, realised that there are a lot of people out there who can’t access storage solutions for these simple reasons.

MetroMovers have been moving Aussies for over 20 years, and a lot of those moves are into or out of storage facilities. People were essentially renting out storage spaces for one price and from one company, and then hiring our removalists to move them in and outs. So the solution seemed simple: Why not combine removals and storage in Melbourne into one company?

Loading furniture

MetroBOX Removalists Will Pack Your Storage And Save Your Back!

Get a Movers & Storage Quote In 1!

MetroBOX Removalists

That’s why MetroBOX’s trained and skilled Melbourne removalists can do all the packing and unpacking of your MetroBOX storage units. They can wrap, pad and stack your furniture and larger items professionally to minimise any movement inside the storage box. They can also strap your belongings down with our removalists straps to ensure minimal movement during transportation. And we even provide upfront, fixed removalist quotes to load your MetroBOXes (in Metro areas) that you can split into 3 or 6 monthly, interest free payments!

MetroBOX makes removals and storage in Melbourne so simple,
now everyone can do it!

Wrapping furniture

Who Needs A MetroBOX?

But easy storage isn’t just for the old, the frail or people without cars: A lot of people who choose MetroBOX mobile moving and storage services have a healthy “can do” attitude. Some are too busy to spend their spare time experimenting on how to fit as much as possible into their storage box. Or they might be ready to do all the heavy lifting, but may have a sports injury they don’t want to aggravate.

Even the fittest individuals might soon discover that after all their careful efforts boxing and packing up their mobile storage units, their belongings get jumbled around during the transportation process. So they end up damaging the belongings they put so much effort into keeping safe!

So what’s the point of paying for storage if it takes up so much time, leaves you injured and breaks your things?

The Advantages of MetroBOX’s Removals & Storage

Our skilled removalists deliver your storage unit to your address in our MetroBOX trucks. They will then take a few minutes to professionally review everything you want to store and create a plan for how, in their experience, they can best fit as much as possible safely and securely into each MetroBOX. They will wrap, pad and protect anything delicate with our furniture blankets, shrink wrapping and security straps. Then they will use their removals and storage tools to efficiently lift and move your storage into your MetroBOXes and make sure everything inside is secure.

That’s why adapting our professional removalists to provide end-to-end storage services is such a great idea:

  • They are trained moving and storage experts with custom removalist aids, so won’t get hurt doing all the heavy lifting.
  • They are a well-oiled team – so can coordinate to move your belongings more carefully, efficiently and easily.
  • They are truckies – so they can deliver your MetroBOXes to your address and drive them back to our secure storage facility without blinking an eye!
  • They arrive with removalist accessories already included in your price – so they can wrap and pad your belongings for professional safe-keeping.
  • Our removalists are careful and know how to treat your furniture for maximum protection.
  • Our removalists can also stack your belongings so it all fits snuggly into your MetroBOX, or secure everything in place with strong furniture straps.
  • Our efficient Melbourne removal and storage teams are fast – they can fully load up each MetroBOX in roughly an hour.

So when your storage unit arrives at our storage facility, and when you get it delivered back to you, the contents are in the same condition as you left them.

That’s why combining professional removalists with mobile storage
is such a great idea:
we’ll save your back, save your furniture, save your time and that’ll
save your cash!

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