How To Organise Portable Storage From Anywhere!

There could be many reasons why your landlord might send you a quick, 14 day eviction notice: if the property’s been storm damaged and rendered unlivable, if the fixed-term tenancy agreement is finished or they want to move in themselves.

It’s a situation many of us dread at the best of times, but what happens if you’re away when they send the notice? If you’re working in another city or overseas for a few months, or if you’re travelling?

No need to cut short your vacay:
Read on for four simple steps of how to handle this curve ball like a boss!

1. Ask Family / Friends For Help

The first obvious solution is to call around and ask your family and friends to help. Can your family help? Most parents would be very understanding, but what if your parents are time-poor or have limited mobility? Then packing up and moving all your belongings to their home to store would be a big ask.

Do you have a friend who can go to your house, pack up all your things and keep it all safe for a while till you get back? Do they have the space at their home? The time available before your Notice To Vacate runs out? And are they a good enough friend to ask such a big favour?

Unfortunately, not everyone these days has such a supportive community who they can ask for such a huge favour.

2. Call MetroBOX For Full Service, Portable Storage Solutions

But you don’t need to ask for big favours with MetroBOX. Our MetroBOX removalists can go to your home and load up all your boxes and furniture carefully and professionally into MetroBOX’s secure storage unit. Then we can transport your belongings in our portable storage units to our secure facility for safekeeping until you’re ready to come back.

The advantage of MetroBOX portable storage units is that we do all the heavy lifting and loading, transport and security for your belongings. It’s just like a removalist service, but instead of loading up a truck and delivering all your things somewhere, we load your belongings directly into a portable storage unit. Then your MetroBOX storage unit is locked up and the entire locked storage unit is transported to our secure storage warehouses to keep safe for as long as you need.

Then the only “favour” you’ll need to ask is from a friend or family member is to open the front door for us, supervise while we quickly and carefully load up your belongings and sign off before we leave. You can even provide us with your representative’s details in your authorisation email.

You can book everything in online, email us at or call us on 1300 078 673 to discuss your moving and storage requirements.  (If you’re overseas, you can call us on our international number:  +613 7505 0590 )


3. Packing Services To Box Up Your Things

As in most cases, you probably haven’t packed up everything in your house before you went on your trip. After all, if you’ve been sent a Notice To Vacate while you’re away, it’s probably come as an unwelcome surprise. In that case, we can even provide a professional box packing service to help box up your all personal belongings neatly and securely before they’re loaded into the portable storage unit.

Our packing services are not part of our regular service offering, so will incur an additional fee not included in the usual loading and storage fees. But because MetroBOX grew out of a full service removals company, our packing service staff are experienced, professional and thorough.

Once again, you are welcome to discuss your options in more detail with our exceptional storage consultants by phone, email or by chat during business hours.

Get All Your Belongings Into Secure, Portable Storage From
Wherever You Are.


4. Get a Cleaning Service In To Take Care of Your Bond Clean

Although sending out a short term Notice to Vacate isn’t the most accommodating move, you might still need to clean out your apartment or home to get your bond back. In that case, there are a number of home cleaning services that specialise in Bond Cleans. Some of them can even be organised and paid for entirely online or over the phone and only need your authorised representative to open the door for them.

Most bond cleaning services won’t clean a home that’s not already empty, which is why you will need a little bit of coordination: they will need to arrive after your MetroBOX is all packed, loaded and transported to storage, before your vacate date and at a time that your authorised representative is available to let them in. And if your representative’s plans change, you might find yourself a bit stuck. But if you give us at least 48 hours’ notice, MetroBOX can be flexible and adjust to your schedule from our end.

Quick Tip:

Get someone to take a lot of photos of each room of your home right after the bond clean just in
case you have any trouble getting your bond back from the landlord. Then if you need them,
your photos would be evidence that you left the property in excellent condition.

And When You Get Back…

When you get back from your trip, you don’t have to stress too much: all your belongings will be safe and secure in storage. You can keep your belongings in your secure MetroBOX storage facility for as long as you need to get yourself set up. That means you can book an Air BnB and you’ll have plenty of breathing space to look for a new home at your leisure. And when you find your new home, just call us to organise a convenient time and we can deliver and unload your MetroBOX portable storage units at your new address.

See? With A MetroBOX, Nothing’s Too Hard:

Get a MetroBOX. It makes life easy!