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MetroBOX Is The Easy Office Storage Solution. 

Arrange a convenient time and our professional removalists can come to your location, pack up all your non-essential stock and archives into a secure mobile storage unit and simply drive it away.

If you ever need to access any particular items, simply arrange a free time to visit our nearby storage warehouse and we’ll bring your unit out to the loading bay to greet you. And if you ever need to really dig through the entire stack, we can always redeliver and unpack your storage unit directly in place at your office’s location.

Look Familiar?

Are you running an online business, but don’t have space for all your stock? Or is your office cluttered with archive files you legally can’t dispose of?

Streamline your business and only keep what you need within arm’s reach.

For the rest, get MetroBOX’s Full Service storage solutions.
Cluttered office - get some space
Get the clear, minimalist office you always dreamed of

Make Space With Office Storage

If your office is cluttered with old files, tax returns and records you don’t need, but need to keep for 7 years, MetroBOX can help. Just box everything up and our professional removalists can bring the MetroBOX storage unit to your location and pack everything up. Then you can lock it up yourself and keep the key before we transport it all safely away to our nearest storage facility.

And suddenly,  your office will be clean, fresh and organized. And finding the relevant files you need, when you need, will be so much easier!

Convenient Storage for Small Businesses

Save money on commercial property rent and open your location options with our convenient mobile storage solutions. Many small businesses need a push to be found and the most obvious way is to rent a plum store location. But prime locations can cost a package, especially if you need a lot of space to keep your stock, archives and non-essentials.

The obvious solution is our MetroBOX, full-service commercial storage. Our mobile storage solutions can pick up or return your stock whenever you need, 7 days a week. And you can rent that perfect, small shop front with maximum visibility that will really boost your business!

Don't compromise on location
Put your extra stock into storage

Retail Stock Storage

Have you placed your retail store orders ahead of time, but don’t have space to store it all in the back office? Or perhaps you own an online store, but don’t have enough room for all your stock?

MetroBOX can help. We can pick up and store your stock securely in our indoor, modern warehouse. Our MetroBOXes are structurally engineered from breathable, mould-resistant wood to ensure your stock remains in mint condition. Then when your stock gets low, you can call us to arrange your MetroBOX redelivery and unloading for a time that suits you best.

It’s that easy!

Clever Archive Self-Storage Solution

Archives are the necessary bane of every business. You are legally required to keep them for 7 years, or maybe you need them for your own records for even longer. But storing them in your office or business workplace is a pain: they clutter the walls and take up valuable space in your workplace. It’s an eyesore that makes your office look less clean and professional. Plus, when you need to find the relevant archives you refer to more regularly, someone always needs to sift through the full stack.

Unclutter with mobile office storage solutions

Create the clean, professional office you dream about. Get A MetroBOX for Commercial Business Storage.

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