Full Service Mobile Storage
vs. Self-Storage

MetroBOX offers both – but what’s the difference?

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What is Regular Self-Storage?

There are a whole lot of different ways you can store what you need, such as managed-storage, commercial storage, on-site storage, off-site storage… and self-storage is just one of them.

Self-storage is short for “Do-It-Yourself-storage.” You rent an empty space or room and move anything in or out that you like. You can hire a removalist company to move your things into storage, or you can hire a van or truck to move it all or you can simply fill your car up a few times and go back and forth.

You lock up the storage unit and get a code to the storage space. Then you can access it, empty it, refill or add things to your storage room any old time that the storage warehouse is open.

In other words, you do it all yourself.  

MetroBOX’s Self-Storage Solutions 

MetroBOX’s most basic service is simple, straightforward self-storage.

That means you can call in or book online and rent out a MetroBOX, just like any other storage unit from any other storage company. Then on the day that your storage rental starts, you bring all your belongings to our nearest storage warehouse and load it all in yourself.

You get free access to your MetroBOX while your belongings are in storage. And when you don’t need storage anymore, you simply call us to arrange a time when we can bring your MetroBOX into the loading bay so you can unload your belongings and take them away.

When you request MetroBOX Self-Storage, you still get all the perks of a secure, strong, breathable MetroBOX, but we won’t bring it to you and we won’t load it for you. You will only pay for the actual storage rental. And that means you pay less!

Want Affordable Storage With No Hassles?

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What is Mobile Storage?

Regular mobile storage is where you don’t have to take your belongings to an off-site storage facility: the storage facility comes to you!

Mobile storage has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason: it’s when the company where you rent your storage space from brings the storage unit to your chosen address.

Suddenly, you don’t have to hire a van or a truck to move your things into storage.
You don’t need a license or ferry your belongings back and forth to the storage facility.
You only need to carry everything you want to store to your front lawn or driveway and load the unit up there.

And when your storage unit is all full up and ready, your storage company can simply come and transport then entire storage unit back to their secure facility for safekeeping. 

Why Do We Call MetroBOX’s Mobile Storage “Full Service”?

Loading furniture

MetroBOX’s most popular service is a variation of mobile storage that we like to call ‘full service’ mobile storage. Why? Because we do absolutely everything for you. 

Most mobile storage companies will bring your storage unit to your address and then leave it there while you load it up. Depending on the person, their fitness level and their propensity for space-relations, filling up that small storage unit can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks!

MetroBOX goes two steps further. We deliver your MetroBOX storage unit to your address, but we also:

  1. Send our professional MetroBOX removalists, who have expert level space-relations, to do all the heavy lifting and pack your storage unit safely and securely up to the brim – so you can fit more in each MetroBOX. 
  2. Our professional removalists will load each MetroBOX in roughly an hour. Saving you a whole lot of time!

That also means your belongings will receive fast, efficient, expert level care when you request our Full Service storage. And you can get your belongings properly stored in less time than it takes to make a chicken dinner!

Moving furniture to a Metrobox
Unclutter with mobile office storage solutions

So when you order MetroBOX’s Full Service Mobile Storage, all you need to do is greet us at your door, point at what you want moved and lock your MetroBOX when it’s all loaded up.  

No more lifting. No more moving. No more transport. No more trying to see what fits where. 

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief – isn’t that what storage should be?

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