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What’s The Difference?

Although we are both considered quality mobile storage services, Taxibox storage provides a different range of services to MetroBOX. In fact, we believe our MetroBOX mobile storage services are better described as “full service” storage, while Taxibox are more of a ‘mobile self storage’ provider.

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The MetroBOX Advantage:

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MetroBOX vs Taxibox Mobile Storage

Both MetroBOX and Taxibox have great websites where you can find most of the information easily enough, but if you’re debating which storage sizes, costs and general services would suit you best, we think you might appreciate this comparison table:

FREE pick up storage
FREE return of storage
Advanced notice of end of storage3 days7 – 14 days
Cancellation down payment forfeit period2 days7 days
Professional removalists loading service✓ – through a referred third party
Typical loading time1 hour3-4 hours if uninterrupted
Furniture blankets / paddingFREEAvailable to rent separately
Security straps / rope / trolleys and moving assistantsFREEAvailable to rent separately
Padlock and keysFREE$14.90
On-location storage
Secure warehouse storage
Free storage access
24/7 security surveillanceUnknown – not found on their website
Accredited by Self-Storage Association of Australasia
Storage insurance✓ – through a referred third party✓ – through a referred third party
Instant online quote
Standard storage unit dimensions2.4m (H) x 2.3m (D) x 1.7m (W)2.2m (H) x 2.4m (D) x 1.5 (W)
Standard storage unit internal space10m38m3
Warehouse storage price for 1 month$139$129

Note: This table compares storage between Taxibox and MetroBOX for one month duration and for 1 standard storage unit (as of June 2021).

How Does MetroBOX & Taxibox Storage Compare?

Taxibox self-storage provide a great solution if you’re a fit, strong, young DIY type with some spare time on your hands. For the rest of us, hiring a Taxibox storage unit is less accessible.

MetroBOX will do all the heavy lifting for you, which means you don’t have to spend the time, money and effort moving all your belongings back and forth to try and see what will fit. MetroBOX also provide free furniture blankets and straps to ensure your belongings remain in position, steady and don’t get jumbled around while in transit.

Taxibox bring your storage unit and then unload it onto the street or into your front yard for you to load yourself.

MetroBOXes are loaded straight onto our trucks, which means:

  1. There is minimal shaking and movement
  2. No double handling of your belongings
  3. You don’t need to make space for MetroBOXes in your front yard or on the street
  4. Your belongings are always supervised and secure.

Plus, at MetroBOX our premium storage consultants will guide you through every step, which makes your life so much easier!

How does MetroBOX compare to other storage services?

There are so many storage services out there, but we believe MetroBOX offer a uniquely “full-service storage” experience.

To see how MetroBOX compares to other storage services, click here.

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MetroBOX Overview

MetroBOX is a relatively new storage company, but we grew out of a well-established (for over 20 years) and well-reputed professional removals and storage company, MetroMovers. The genius of MetroBOX is not just that we bring the storage unit to your address and transport it for you: that is not so unique.

The real advantage to choosing MetroBOX (or one of them) is that you will get your storage loaded on the spot by our own trusted, professional, trained and experienced removalists.

That means your belongings are never left unattended and your furniture will be professionally handled, wrapped and secured in place during transit. You also don’t have to strain yourself to lift and load up your belongings because our removalists are experienced enough to really maximise your (already bigger) storage space.

FYI: We also offer a self loading service, but only if you bring your belongings to our secure storage facility. If you’re ordering a MetroBOX delivery, it automatically comes with our full-service, professional removalists and storage services in one.

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Taxibox Overview

Taxibox are one of the pioneers in the field of mobile storage and have certainly put in the hard yards to make sure mobile storage is fun, friendly and accessible. You can easily find out what a Taxibox costs in an online quote (like with MetroBOX) and they can deliver your Taxibox to wherever you need within their delivery zones.

Once delivered, in most cases they will leave your Taxibox with you for however long you need to load up your belongings: whether it takes a day, a week or a month. You can take your sweet time! Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick storage, with Taxibox you can hire a separate removalist company to pack your Taxibox for you faster, but that requires a fair bit of additional coordination and expense. Then Taxibox can either transport your storage unit back to their facility or, as is more often the case, leave it at your place as an onsite storage/ extra room for as long as you need.

Onsite storage is a service that MetroBOX does not offer.

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