MetroBOX Terms of Service

These following Terms of Service should be read in conjunction with the MetroBOX standard mobile storage agreement.

Storage Space

Our MetroBOX modules are 2.4m high x 2.3m long x 1.7m wide. Any larger items won’t fit in your module, but we also provide customised quotes for the separate storage of oversized items.

We provide an approximate storage calculator to indicate roughly how many modules you will need based on your own assessment. We take no responsibility for the number of modules ordered nor whether their storage quantity is sufficient or insufficient for your independently estimated needs. Additional modules can be ordered on the day if required.

What We Don’t Store

We can fit a whole lot into a MetroBOX, but there are a limited list of prohibited items that we can’t store for safety reasons, including:

  • Hazardous, toxic, corrosive, environmentally harmful contaminated or radioactive materials

  • Flammable or potentially explosive materials

  • Guns and weaponry

  • Paint, varnishes and paint thinners

  • Anything that’s moist or wet

  • Live items i.e. animals or plants

  • Perishable goods

  • Any stolen or illegal goods, as defined by Australian law

  • Waste products

  • Vehicles*

If you are unsure whether an item is restricted, please don’t hesitate to contact us and check.

*We have alternative options for vehicle storage, but we cannot load and store them inside the MetroBOX units.


Before your MetroBOX arrives:

  • Prepack all your small items into sturdy packing boxes and tape your boxes closed.

  • Mark the packing boxes to indicate the contents (for your own personal use).

  • If you live in an apartment building, contact your building manager to book your elevator for your scheduled loading time (if necessary). Also make sure there’s a long term parking spot or loading zone available within 20 metres of your building’s entrance for when the truck arrives with your MetroBOX.

When we arrive with your MetroBOX:

Our professional 2 man moving team will wrap your furniture in FREE Furniture Blankets and protective plastic coverings and will load your boxes and furniture snuggly and safely into your MetroBOX. Our team can also do any basic dismantling, such as removing bedheads and footboards and table legs.

What we don’t do:

  • Pack small items into boxes for you.

  • Complicated dismantling or reassembly.

  • Move pianos, pool tables, safes, or anything that is too heavy or unsafe for a 2 man team to lift or load.


We bring your MetroBOX to you FREE of charge.


We provide a team of two professional removalists that arrive with your MetroBOX and load your prepacked boxes and furniture for you under your supervision. You must be present at all stages while your MetroBOX is being loaded until you’ve locked the MetroBOX with your unique key.


Before the removalists depart, you must lock your MetroBOX using the FREE padlock and key provided to you by MetroBOX or you can choose to use your own. You must keep the key in a secure and publicly inaccessible location. You have sole access to open your MetroBOX. No one else has access to your MetroBOX or to your key.

If the key is lost and you need access to your belongings, you must sign a waiver form to allow us to break the lock and open your MetroBOX . You must also be present when we break the lock and there will also be a once off $20 administration fee for this service. Then you also need to relock your own MetroBOX with a new padlock and key. If we provide your new padlock, there will be a replacement cost of $12 per padlock.


When you are ready to have your goods returned to you, call us to organise a convenient date and time for the re-delivery of your MetroBOX. If the redelivery is to the same location or even to anywhere within the designated MetroBOX zones 1 & 2 as your original delivery location, then the delivery will be FREE of charge. If your delivery location or any other circumstances have changed, you can read more about our redelivery options here or contact our friendly customer care team for more specific information.


Our 2 man team will arrive with your MetroBOX at the nominated re-delivery address. You will need to unlock your MetroBOX with your key. Then our team will unload your MetroBOX and place your belongings in your home/ office while you supervise.

You must be present at the unloading and you must check the box prior to our team leaving to make sure nothing is accidentally left behind.

Deposit, Storage Fees and Cancellation

Your 1st month of storage is payable to secure your MetroBOX booking.

Your recurring monthly storage payment is scheduled to coincide with the same day of the month that you begin to use the storage unit.

Your deposit and storage fees are fully refundable if you cancel, reschedule or postpone your MetroBOX delivery more than 48 hours before your booked date. If you cancel or postpone within the last 48 hour period before your scheduled date, you will incur a $90 cancellation fee.

Loading Fees

You can choose to pay your loading fees up front as a once off, or in split payments over 3 or 6 months depending on your estimated storage duration.

Late fees

If your storage payment is more than 14 days late on any billing month, a $20 administration fee will be applied.

Returning your goods from storage

We can re-deliver and unload your goods once all your storage and loading fee payments are up to date. Unloading fees are charged at the same price as loading fees if you are moving to the same suburb or within the same Metropolitan zone.*

*There are two zones in each city: see our location pages here for more details.

If you are moving to an interstate, regional or rural area outside of our set zones, call us for a custom moving quote.

Public Liability Insurance

MetroBOX has Public Liability Insurance for up to $20,000,000 (twenty million dollars).

Storage Insurance

MetroBOX can arrange storage insurance for your goods. This is charged per month at a rate of $2 per $1,000 value of your goods (with a minimum of $5,000 value). If you choose this option, this amount is added to your monthly storage fees. It is important that you read the Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording before you purchase insurance cover. Also, your insurance cover will only be valid once we have received a signed hard copy of your storage insurance benefit .

Handling and Transit Insurance

MetroBOX does not include or arrange handling or transit insurance for your goods. You should check if your Home & Contents insurance already covers Transit insurance.

If not, we highly recommend that you arrange your own handling and transit insurance or contact CARTS Removal Insurance on 1300 880 253.


You can call to arrange access to your MetroBOX at the MetroBOX storage facility from Monday to Saturday during regular business hours.* Access is FREE.

*Please note: If you schedule an access time but don’t show or cancel within 24 hours, a $44 fee is charged.