MetroBOX Easy Furniture Storage

Storing Furniture Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain In The Back!

MetroBOX gives you space to move!

Need more space to move around? 

Renovating, but don’t know where to stack your furniture? Decluttering or downsizing your home? Or simply can’t fit your old furniture into your new apartment?Want to keep your furniture, but don’t know where to keep your furniture?

The obvious solution is MetroBOX’s full-service mobile storage. 

MetroBOX Makes Furniture Storage Easy!

MetroBOX makes light work of furniture storage. Book a MetroBOX to come to your location any day of the week that’s most convenient for you. Then our professional removals and storage experts will carefully wrap your furniture in protective padding and, if needed, shrink wrapping. They can disassemble and reassemble most large, bulky items. And they can expertly stack your furniture tightly into your MetroBOX storage unit using security straps to minimise internal movement during transport. Then they will drive your entire storage unit back to our secure storage facility for safekeeping.

All you need to do to get your furniture into storage is point at what you want stored and lock the padlock when we’re done. 

It’s that easy!

Moving furniture

The Reality of Alternative Furniture Storage

Of course, MetroBOX isn’t the only way you could get your furniture into storage. 

You could hire a removalist company to do all the heavy lifting and transport your furniture to wherever you rent a storage unit. But that means you’d need to find, choose, coordinate and pay two separate companies, which is difficult enough. Then if something gets damaged in the process, you will also need to deal with the two companies blaming each other.  

MetroBOX provides end-to-end storage solutions from one, responsible company with solid insurance.

Compare MetroBOX with DIY Furniture Storage

If you’re fit, healthy, have a license and have the time, you might choose to hire a ute or truck to move your furniture by yourself. But consider the cost of hiring the truck, add the compulsory (and voluntary) insurance, petrol costs, etc. And then after all this expense, you still have to physically carry every piece of furniture from your home into your truck and then carry it all again to load it into your storage unit. Now add the cost of the chiropractic treatments you’ll need for the next few months. And all because you had your heart set on being a DIY superstar! 
Why don’t we cut to the chase: save the drama, the back pain, the money, the time running around organising movers, friends with utes and/or hiring a van or a truck.

Just choose MetroBOX from the start. 

Professional Storage For Your Furniture

When you order a MetroBOX to be delivered to your address, it won’t be “drivers” bringing it out: all our ‘drivers’ are professional, experienced movers. They will bring professional moving equipment, at least 10 furniture blankets and shrink wrapping with them to make sure all your furniture is securely moved, transported and protected. 

Can't fit your couch? Get a MetroBOX

Furniture Storage For Downsizing

When you’re downsizing to a smaller living space, figuring out which pieces of furniture will fit is one of the biggest problems. And during the unpacking process, with all your boxes and belongings in disarray, keeping all your additional furniture on-site can pose more of an obstacle than a help. 

Luckily for you, MetroBOX can offer you temporary furniture storage until you’re a bit more sorted out. Not sure if you’ll have room for your 3 seater comfy couch? Keep it in storage until you can figure out if there’s enough space, or until you decide to sell it and replace it with a more compact couch. Wandering if your 12 place dining room table is over-kill for your new open-plan kitchen? Our professional removalists can dismantle it, wrap it in protective blankets and keep it in your storage unit until you’ve cleared enough space to see past all the boxes more clearly. 

Decluttering With Furniture Storage?

It’s a classic conundrum: your baby is too big for the cot, the pram, the high-chair and the baby university floor mat. All those adorable (and expensive) baby assistants are now just taking up valuable space. But you can’t throw it all out – what happens if you get pregnant again? Do you really want to buy it all over again? 

That’s where MetroBOX mobile storage becomes the perfect solution! Declutter your home by putting all your  beloved baby furniture into storage. And when you’re ready for #2, call to get it all redelivered without having to lift a finger.

Storing baby furniture ready for #2
Full Service Mobile Storage

Storing Your Furniture While Renovating

It’s an exciting time – renovating your home and fixing it up to be what you always dreamed: but what about your furniture? Where can you put all your tables, chairs, couches and cupboards so they don’t get damaged and dusty while the renovators are hard at work? 

That’s easy: Contact MetroBOX and we’ll bring your storage unit to your address, load up all your furniture into storage and take it away till your renovations are done and dusted. Then our professional removalists will redeliver your furniture and place it all exactly where you want inside your home. 

No matter why you need professional, easy furniture storage, MetroBOX full-service storage is the right solution!