Frequently Asked Storage Questions

Why Is MetroBOX Different?

What is mobile storage?2020-03-02T15:17:05+10:00

Mobile storage is when we bring the storage unit to your address, which is why it’s called ‘mobile.’ It’s sometimes also called ‘mobile self-storage’ as well, which is much the same thing. The term ‘self storage’ is a common industry term used as a shortened form of ‘do-it-yourself-storage‘ because the customer is usually the one doing the heavy lifting when they load all their belongings into the storage unit. Here at MetroBOX, we don’t offer mobile self-storage: when we bring the storage unit to your chosen address, our professionally trained furniture removalists load your MetroBOX for you. That means you can just sit back, relax and watch. Kind of like a spectator sport.

Why is mobile storage better?2020-03-03T08:27:23+10:00

Mobile storage is so much better than traditional self-storage because we bring the storage unit to you – not the other way around. Normal storage is like ferrying all your groceries from the supermarket to a shopping bag that’s in your car piece by piece, rather than bringing the shopping bag into the supermarket and loading it up there. Mobile storage just makes more sense! And MetroBOX’s Full Service Mobile Storage goes even further – we’ll not only bring the storage unit to your address, our professional removalists will do all the heavy lifting and pack it up for you. Talk about Full-Service!

How are MetroBOXes different from TAXIBOX mobile self storage?2020-03-03T08:40:28+10:00

While we love TAXIBOX, the services we offer are different. TAXIBOX is a true mobile self-storage service, where the storage unit is delivered to your address and left there for the duration while you pack, lift and load your boxes into the storage unit yourself. MetroBOX offers a complete, end-to- end storage solution, where we do everything for you except pack your smaller items into boxes and lock the MetroBOX mobile storage unit. That’s why we call MetroBOX ‘full-service’ mobile storage and why our services appeal to different people than most of our current self storage competitors.

How is MetroBOX different from AUSPODS?2020-03-03T09:11:26+10:00

AUSPODS provide an invaluable range of solutions in the storage industry, but they also offer very different services from MetroBOX. Much like TAXIBOX, AUSPODS also will not load your boxes for you and you will need to pay for all the days that it takes you to load your belongings. MetroBOX brings the storage units to you, professionally loads them up quickly and your storage rental starts the same day.

AUSPODS are made from steel, aluminium and polymer, while MetroBOXes are made from breathable wood that absorbs atmospheric moisture and protects your belongings from mould and other water borne damage. This is especially important if you’re considering long term storage.

Finally, AUSPODS is also a subsidiary branch of the international POD and PODZILLA brand, whereas MetroBOX is 100% Aussie home grown.

What are the MetroBOXes made from?2020-03-03T09:13:03+10:00

Our MetroBOX storage boxes are 100% Aussie made from sturdy, structural wood. They are built to last and come with a structural engineering certificate. And unlike metal storage containers, the MetroBOX wood also breathes, which helps prevent mildew, mold and water from damaging your belongings.

How big are the MetroBOXes?2020-03-03T09:17:07+10:00

The MetroBOXes are 1.8 wide x 2.3 deep x 2.4m high. So each MetroBOX storage unit holds a whopping total of 10 cubic metres squared! This means each MetroBOX can roughly hold all the contents of an entire one bedroom apartment, including the fridge, couch, bed and everything else. And because our MetroBOXes are loading by professional removalists, they can safely fit more in each MetroBOX.

How many MetroBOXes will I need?2020-03-03T09:19:02+10:00

That depends entirely on how much you need stored. Check out our storage calculator here for a more accurate guesstimate, or call us for an expert consultation.

What’s A MetroBOX Cost?

How much does MetroBOX storage cost?2020-03-03T10:13:52+10:00

MetroBOX storage prices depend on how many MetroBOXes you order and how long you intend to store them for. The more MetroBOXes you order, the less you pay per MetroBOX! We also offer lower monthly prices for longer storage periods. You can check out our storage calculator to get a more accurate storage quote tailored to your unique storage needs.

What’s included in the MetroBOX storage quote price?2020-03-03T10:20:12+10:00

That depends on whether your request our Full Service Storage or Self-Storage option. When you generate an online quote for Full Service Mobile Storage, the price includes the MetroBOX delivery to your address, professionally packing up of your MetroBOXes, transporting the units back to our secure storage facility, the actual storage and all taxes including GST.

The online MetroBOX Full Service Mobile Storage quote includes everything except the return delivery and unloading fees. 

If you choose the self-service option, the quote price includes storage unit rental and all taxes, including GST.

If you tick the insurance option, your storage quote will also include whichever storage insurance option you choose.

You are welcome to read more about our prices on our storage price page here.

How can I pay for my MetroBOX storage rental?2020-03-17T14:31:06+10:00

For all your monthly storage, loading and unloading fees, call our friendly storage consultants, who accept payments over the phone.

What’s the minimum time I can rent storage for?2019-11-12T22:25:43+10:00

Your goods can stay for as long or as little as you like. But, yes, there is a minimum billing charge of one month. If you need to remove your goods at any point within your first month, there will be no refund provided for any unused days. We only provide refunds for unused days beyond the one month minimum.

What’s the maximum time I can hire storage for?2020-03-03T10:22:41+10:00

As long as you need. In fact, some of our customers have booked storage with us for years!

What will I have to pay up front?2023-12-14T09:02:25+10:00

To secure your booking, you’ll only need to put down the first month of storage (and insurance, if you choose it) up front. If you cancel anytime up until 48 hours before the scheduled pick up date, your down payment is fully refundable.

If I cancel, can I get a refund for my first month’s deposit?2020-03-03T10:25:23+10:00

If you have to cancel your MetroBOX booking, your first month deposit is completely refundable up until 48 hours prior to your scheduled move day. If you need to cancel or postpone within the 48 hours prior to your scheduled MetroBOX delivery date, you will still be refunded everything except a $90 administration fee.

Are there any late payment penalties?2020-03-03T10:27:42+10:00

Yes. You’ll incur a late fee of $20 if your monthly storage payment is more than 7 days overdue. If your split loading fee payment is more than 7 days overdue, it will also incur a separate late fee of $20.

How much does MetroBOX redelivery and unloading cost?2020-03-17T15:15:13+10:00

All things being equal, your redelivery and unloading fees should be the same as your original pick-up and loading fee. But the price may change if you request a redelivery to a different address or outside our usual metro service areas.

How To Prepare For Storage?

Do I need to pack my own boxes?2020-03-03T10:38:26+10:00

Yes, please pack your smaller belongings into sturdy boxes before we arrive. Then our professional removalists will load them, and any larger furniture items, into your MetroBOX for you.

If you would like to request a packing service, please contact our customer support team to arrange that as a separate service.

Where can I get packing boxes?2020-03-03T10:40:03+10:00

You can order sturdy cardboard boxes prior to your MetroBOX delivery date by calling our customer care centre

What CAN’T I put in my MetroBOX?2020-03-03T10:46:51+10:00

You can put almost anything into a MetroBOX that fits the dimensions (2.3m deep x 1.8m wide x 2.4m high), except, for safety reasons, the following list of prohibited items*:

  • Hazardous, toxic, corrosive, environmentally harmful, contaminated or radioactive materials
  • Flammable or potentially explosive materials
  • Guns or weaponry
  • Paint, solvents, varnishes and paint thinners
  • Anything moist, wet or that contains liquids
  • Live items, ie. animals or plants
  • Perishable goods
  • Any stolen or illegal goods, as defined by Australian law
  • Waste products
  • Vehicles**

If you are unsure whether an item is restricted, please don’t hesitate to contact us to check.

* This list is indicative and not exhaustive

** We have alternative options for vehicle storage, but we cannot load and store them inside the MetroBOX units.

Should I arrange parking for the MetroBOX truck?2020-03-03T10:49:59+10:00

Yes. If you don’t have a high clearance driveway or loading zone at your pick-up address, please make sure there is a ample parking (ie. two standard, adjoining parking spaces) reserved for our truck to park within 20 metres of your front door.

What happens if I can’t arrange parking?2020-03-03T10:55:44+10:00

After your MetroBOX booking has been confirmed by email, our customer care department will call you to finalise all the finer details. That would be the best time to voice your concerns so we can either help you arrange parking or work out another solution.

What do I need to prepare before my MetroBOX arrives?2020-03-03T11:26:10+10:00

Thank you for clicking on this question! Preparation is really key. Check out this short list of ways you can help your friendly MetroBOX removalists to make sure your MetroBOX experience is smooth, quick and professional:

  1. Pre-read the storage insurance agreement – Our removalists will bring you a hard copy to sign before they start loading your MetroBOX on moving day, so please read it through before they arrive. Once signed, the agreement is binding.
  2. Take your furniture apart – We will only dismantle quick and easy items for you. If something is complicated or time consuming to take apart, please make sure it’s already disassembled before we arrive.
  3. Label fragile / delicate items – Please clearly mark boxes containing fragile items so our professional movers know to take extra care and not store them at the bottom of a stack.
  4. Pack it all up – Make sure all your belongings are packed and sealed in sturdy boxes before we arrive.
  5. Arrange a clear path of access – Please make sure our movers have a clear, wide path between the belongings you want stored and your front door.
  6. Loading bay / lift access – If you need permission to use the lift or any kind of shared area in your building, please make sure it’s all sorted out before we arrive.
  7. Parking space – Please save two adjacent parking spots for the MetroBOX truck if you live in an area with busy street parking, shared parking lots or shared driveways. If you’re not sure how to go about it, just ask our customer support team.

And you can always speak with our friendly customer care team if you have any other questions about preparation.

What About Storage & Removals?

Why do I need professional removalists to pack my storage unit?2020-03-03T11:43:05+10:00

The 3 biggest benefits of getting MetroBOX’s expert removalists to pack your storage unit are:

  1. Fit more in each MetroBOX – Our professional removalists are the “Masters at Tetris” and take pride in loading the MetroBOXes up to the brim. So you get maximum value for money.
  2. Save time – Each MetroBOX arrives with a professional, two man team. It takes approximately an hour for them to load up each MetroBOX quickly, securely and completely (depending on what you have to store, of course).
  3. No heavy lifting – Just point and watch. Our movers do all the grunt work. So when your MetroBOX is locked and loaded, you’re fresh, free and ready to get on with your day.

Read more about our combined storage and removals benefits here.

Can I load my MetroBOX myself?2020-03-03T11:46:40+10:00

Yes, you can load your own MetroBOX, but only if you bring all your items to our nearest storage facility. This is our self-storage option. The MetroBOX mobile storage unit delivery and loading is a package deal.

If I load my own MetroBOX, can I still get it redelivered & professionally unloaded when I need my stuff?2020-03-03T11:50:16+10:00

Of course! That’s one of the biggest advantage of choosing MetroBOX’s mobile storage units!

Can I assist your movers in loading and unloading my MetroBOX?2020-03-03T11:56:10+10:00

No. Our liability insurance won’t cover you to load or unload your own items onto our truck.

What if something doesn’t fit in my MetroBOX?2020-03-03T12:03:50+10:00

We very rarely come across a household item that does not fit in within the generous MetroBOX dimensions, especially after it has been dismantled. If an item can’t be dismantled, please measure it before delivery day to make sure it will fit within the 2.3m deep x 1.8m wide x 2.4m high MetroBOX storage unit dimensions.

If it doesn’t fit, we also offer a separate service to store oversized items securely, but outside of the MetroBOX containers. Feel free to call us to arrange an alternative storage solution.

How does MetroBOX protect stored furniture?2020-03-17T15:15:17+10:00

Before we load delicate furniture into a MetroBOX, our professional removalists will wrap it with complimentary furniture pads, blankets and plastic wrapping to protect it from rubbing, scratches or any other kinds of damage. Where needed, security straps are also used inside the MetroBOX to hold furniture in place during transit.

Can you leave a MetroBOX at my property for onsite storage?2020-03-03T12:10:52+10:00

No. We don’t offer this service. We cannot vouch for the security or integrity of your belongings if the MetroBOX is stored at your property.

Is my MetroBOX secured during transit?2020-03-03T12:11:45+10:00

Yes, of course. Your MetroBOX will be securely tied down inside the transport trucks to ensure they don’t move around during transit.

Will I Have Easy Storage Access?

Can I access my MetroBOX anytime I want?2020-03-03T12:13:57+10:00

You can access your MetroBOX anytime for FREE during business hours, 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) at our local storage facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. We request that you call in to book your access time* at least 24 hours in advance. That way we can have your MetroBOX ready and waiting for you in the visitors’ bay when you arrive.

*Subject to availability

What if I need something from my MetroBOX?2020-03-03T12:15:58+10:00

You have complimentary access to your storage units 6 days a week. So all you need to do is call us to book your access time. We’ll make sure your MetroBOX is accessible in the visitors’ bay when you arrive. It’s that easy!

How Secure is MetroBOX Storage?

Can I share a MetroBOX with someone else?2020-03-03T12:42:39+10:00

You can make a private arrangement to share your MetroBOX with another person, but we will not take responsibility for any problems that may arise.

Each MetroBOX has only one authorised account holder, one padlock and one set of keys and our responsibility is to the MetroBOX account holder and no one else. So if you are not the account holder, your belongings will be under the management of the account holder within our facility and you will need their written authorisation to access/ redeem any of your personal belongings.

However, we highly recommend against sharing MetroBOX storage, for security and privacy reasons.

If there’s space, will you allocate a single MetroBOX to more than one customer?2019-11-12T22:48:32+10:00

Absolutely not! Each account holder has sole access to their MetroBOXes regardless of how full or empty they are. We take the safety and security of your belongings very seriously and would never allocate more than one person to a single MetroBOX.

Are the MetroBOXes weather resistant? Pest proof?2020-03-04T08:29:48+10:00

Your MetroBOXes are stored in a secure, modern and indoor storage facility. We also have regular, monthly pest control inspections to protect your belongings from all kinds of creepy crawlies.

Do You Have Storage Insurance?

Does MetroBOX come with storage insurance?2020-03-04T08:32:12+10:00

You can purchase storage insurance as an optional extra when you book your MetroBOX. The storage insurance covers fire, theft and flood while your belongings are stored in our modern, secure MetroBOX storage facilities. Please read through the Product Policy and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before purchasing storage insurance. You can find those storage insurance documents here.

Am I automatically insured?2020-03-04T08:45:46+10:00

No. If you want storage insurance, you can purchase it when you book our MetroBOX services online, or ask our customer care agent about it if you book by phone.

Also, we only offer storage insurance, which won’t cover your goods while they are being loaded or unloaded into your MetroBOX or during transit. More often than not you’ll already be covered for loading and transit through your own Home and Contents insurance policy, or you may wish to take out separate Transit Insurance from CARTS Removals Insurance here.

Can I skip the additional storage insurance?2020-03-04T08:46:56+10:00

Our facilities meet the highest security and safety standards, but exceptional events are still a fact of life. That’s why we offer additional insurance coverage from theft, fire, flood and storm damage, priced at $2 per $1,000 value of your goods. You can read more about our additional storage insurance here.

Who do I call if I need to make an insurance claim?2020-03-04T08:49:02+10:00

If you have taken out storage insurance through us, you can contact our customer care consultants to assist with the claims process.

You should also be aware that storage insurance does not cover damages or losses that happened during the loading, unloading or transit stages. If that’s the case, please contact your own Home and Contents insurance company (or the company you have taken transit insurance with).

How Do I Get My Things out of Storage?

How do I get my MetroBOX back?2019-11-12T22:53:32+10:00

You can book your re-delivery very easily by calling our friendly customer care agents.

How much does MetroBOX return delivery cost?2020-03-04T08:58:12+10:00

All things being equal, the MetroBOX return delivery & unloading should come to the same amount as your original delivery & loading. You might have to pay the difference if you originally requested the MetroBOX delivery on a weekday, but want the re-delivery on a weekend, or if your original pick-up was inside our mobile storage Metro service area, but you want your MetroBOX redelivered to another, more regional area.

What happens if I haven’t paid up my MetroBOX account when I need my things?2020-03-04T09:02:10+10:00

We will only re-deliver your MetroBOX once all your storage and loading fees have been paid.

Do I have to pay for a full extra month if my redelivery is only a few days into the new month?2019-11-12T22:55:05+10:00

No. Our online system is set up so you pay for the full month, but you will be reimbursed for any days you’ve that you haven’t used (beyond the one month minimum storage rent period).

Can I pick up my MetroBOX storage myself?2020-03-04T09:17:37+10:00

Of course. If you prefer to come to our storage facility, unload your MetroBOX and take all your belongings yourself, that’s not a problem. In that case, you won’t need to pay for the re-delivery and unloading. Just call our service agents on 1300 078 673 to book your access time at least 24 hours in advance and please make sure all your payments are up to date beforehand.

Can you re-deliver my MetroBOX to a different location?2020-03-04T09:19:08+10:00

Yes we can. But if the new requested location is outside our usual MetroBOX service areas, the redelivery & unloading fee may be different to the original delivery & loading fee.

Can you re-deliver my MetroBOX to a regional or rural location?2020-03-04T09:20:12+10:00

Yes we can. Our professional removalists can redeliver your MetroBOX almost anywhere in Victoria or NSW, but you will need to call our customer care team for a special quote.
Please note: If the address is outside of our MetroBOX Sydney or Melbourne MetroBOX service areas, you won’t be able to generate an accurate, fixed online quote.

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