Thank you for clicking on this question! Preparation is really key. Check out this short list of ways you can help your friendly MetroBOX removalists to make sure your MetroBOX experience is smooth, quick and professional:

  1. Pre-read the storage insurance agreement – Our removalists will bring you a hard copy to sign before they start loading your MetroBOX on moving day, so please read it through before they arrive. Once signed, the agreement is binding.
  2. Take your furniture apart – We will only dismantle quick and easy items for you. If something is complicated or time consuming to take apart, please make sure it’s already disassembled before we arrive.
  3. Label fragile / delicate items – Please clearly mark boxes containing fragile items so our professional movers know to take extra care and not store them at the bottom of a stack.
  4. Pack it all up – Make sure all your belongings are packed and sealed in sturdy boxes before we arrive.
  5. Arrange a clear path of access – Please make sure our movers have a clear, wide path between the belongings you want stored and your front door.
  6. Loading bay / lift access – If you need permission to use the lift or any kind of shared area in your building, please make sure it’s all sorted out before we arrive.
  7. Parking space – Please save two adjacent parking spots for the MetroBOX truck if you live in an area with busy street parking, shared parking lots or shared driveways. If you’re not sure how to go about it, just ask our customer support team.

And you can always speak with our friendly customer care team if you have any other questions about preparation.