Once upon a time, the Australian dream was to own a big house with a backyard, a pool and a barbie. Purchasing a home was a once-in-a-lifetime decision and a home was a status symbol: you’d made it and you had some collateral to pass on to the kids.

But times have changed. Now we are seeing a new trend sweeping the nation’s empty nesters: downsizing. They are selling up their big homes and moving into smaller, easy-living apartments. And far from what most people suspect, the main reasons are not just to save money (although that does help).

It’s a lifestyle reboot!

Who Are Today’s Empty

The baby boomer generation got married in their early 20s, worked hard, scrimped and saved to set themselves up in beautiful, spacious homes in suburban Australia. They brought up their families in big homes, went to the movies and were in bed by 10. Then, once all their children were grown and left home, they were sitting all alone in those spacious homes, waiting for the grandchildren to visit. But they didn’t.

The next generation of Aussies, Generation X, went traveling, moved to different cities and started families later. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the median age of Gen X’s first marriages in Australia was in their early 30s. And that left their parents with their hands (and nests) empty for the first time since their teens.

Why Are They Downsizing To
Apartment Living?

So the older gen of Aussies didn’t whinge and wait: they got proactive, found a new lease on life and picked up where they left off before their kids were born.

No longer waiting around for the kids to visit, a whopping 43% of Australia’s Empty Nesters have jumped at the opportunity to reboot their lives and get some action – before retirement!

They are getting active and fulfilling their own dreams: Learning new languages and crafts, running online shopping websites, going out to performances and staying out late into the evening, getting fit, going to the gym and luxury travel. And it all starts with downsizing their homes.

Downsizing to apartment living holds three distinct advantages:

  1. Empty Nesters can spend less time and money on their homes’ upkeep (and more on themselves)
  2. Empty Nesters can afford to live where they want: closer to work, to the city, out near the beach or even out in the country-side.
  3. Their grown-up kids can’t move back home whenever they’re short of cash.
Empty Nesters are the new young generation. They are vibrant, active, innovative, they’ve worked hard, raised families and now they are reaping the rewards!

As one Empty Nester we spoke with explained:

“When my girls moved out, my partner and I decided to move closer to the city. We decided to buy an apartment and with the money we saved, we bought a second holiday apartment in Sydney.”

And another added:

“Once the kids were gone, a group of friends I’ve known since school days decided to move into an apartment building together. We each bought an apartment in the building and we meet up almost every day. It’s great!”

What’s the Dilemma?

But there is one problem that’s had many of them stumped: what to do with all their belongings? They can’t keep all their furniture and knick-knacks in their new, downsized apartment living spaces. And they know (or rather, sincerely hope) that soon enough their kids are going to finally appreciate that cot they’ve kept in pristine condition for the last 30 years.

Sure, Empty Nesters are downsizing their space.
But it doesn’t mean they want to throw all their collected treasures away.

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