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Fixed, low-cost removalist and storage quotes in seconds on our website!

We are accredited members of the Self-Storage Association of Australia

Our experienced, trained removalists & storage specialists provide end-to-end storage solutions!

These days mobile self-storage companies are blooming like roses in summer.
So what is mobile self-storage? And with so many competitors about;

What makes MetroBOX
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What’s Normal Self-Storage?

– Fixed self-storage facilities allow you to book a storage unit at a storage facility and you have to either organise or do all transport and loading yourself.

– Mobile self-storage brings your storage unit to your address. In most cases, the mobile self-storage units are then left sitting insecurely on your lawn or on the street in front of your home for up to a few weeks while you slowly do all the heavy lifting yourself.

The Secure MetroBOX Advantage

MetroBOX delivers delivers your storage unit to your address, but all the transport is already included in the fixed price quote!*

And we won’t leave your storage unit unattended on the street in front of your house or office: your MetroBOX always stays safe and secure on our truck until it reaches our secure storage facility. It’s loaded on the spot by our fast, professional removalists while you supervise. Once they’re finished, you lock it with a padlock before it’s transported straight back to our secure, indoor facility.

* Additional transport costs may apply if we deliver your MetroBOX outside of our designated metropolitan service areas in Melbourne or in Sydney.

The Benefit of MetroBOX’s Professional Removalists

MetroBOX grew out of an established, trusted moving company (MetroMovers) and our removalists are all well-equipped, experienced, trained and highly skilled. That means the MetroBOX team that brings your storage unit and keeps it safe are also the skilled removalists that professionally load it up quickly and carefully for one fixed, low fee (with split payment options).

Because our professional removalists are doing all the heavy lifting, you get three distinct advantages:

  • 1

    Our careful removalists can safely fit more of your valuable belongings into each MetroBOX.

  • 2

    Our removalists are fast and highly skilled. That means they can usually load a full MetroBOX in under an hour!

  • 3

    You don’t have to make space for your mobile MetroBOX storage unit. It won’t sit insecurely on your lawn, in your driveway, or need permits to sit on the street in front of your home. MetroBOXes stay on our moving truck and your belongings are safely loaded directly in by our professional removalists.

MetroBOX Don’t Just Rent Storage Space:


Easy Storage Comparison Table

If you’re seriously searching for a great storage solution, then you’re probably going back and forth comparing storage rates and services on different websites. But each company is offering slightly different services, slightly different size storage units and it’s hard to find the right information on all the different websites.

To save you a whole lot of time and trouble, we’ve created this table to clearly compare storage apples with apples: the main differences between 1 month of MetroBOX storage services and the equivalent storage unit space (8m3 – 11m3) from five of the other most popular storage companies in Australia.

Note: for a more in depth comparison to Taxibox Storage services, click here.

Storage Comparison Table:

MetroBOX SuperEasy TaxiBOX Smartbox Kennards National Storage
Loading Included In Fixed Price YES  NO YES NO N/A N/A
Unloading Included In Fixed Price YES  NO  NO NO N/A N/A
Loading / Unloading Service YES (with an interest free, split loading fee payment option of up to 6 months) Yes, but only with Premium service option No. You need to hire a separate removalist company to do any loading YES No. You need to hire a separate removalist company to do any loading No. You need to hire a separate removalist company to do any loading
Storage At Your Property NO YES (only with the EasyBox option) YES NO NO NO
Storage At A Storage Warehouse YES YES YES YES YES YES
Self-storage Association Accreditation YES NO YES YES YES Not specified
Storage Insurance Provided? YES, through a recommended third party YES YES, through a recommended third party YES YES YES, through a recommended third party
Standard Storage Unit Dimensions 2.4m(H) x 2.3m(D) x 1.8m(W) 2.4m (H) x 2.3m (D) x 1.8 (W) 2.2m (H) x 2.4m (D) x 1.5 (W) 2.1m (H) x 2.9m (D) x 1.8 (W) 2.4m (H) x 3.0m (D) x 1.5m (W) 2.4m (H) x 2.5m (D) x 1.6m (W)
Standard Storage Unit Space 10m3 10m3 8m3 11m3 11m3 10m3
Price For 1 Month of Storage $99 Not available on the company website $129 $250 $197 $188
* All facts included in this page and table were openly stated on the respective company websites at the time of research in May 2019.
As you can see, MetroBOX is not just the cheapest storage option, we also offer the highest level of service, professional removalists and all the “additional extras” you will need already included in our low, fixed price!

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