When your MetroBOX removalists arrive and start moving your furniture and boxes into your MetroBOX storage unit, it’s seems pretty much like moving house for your cat or dog. As in most situations, dogs and cats react very differently to house moves: cat’s tend to take flight, while dogs will start haunting your every footstep. But one thing they have in common: it’s disruptive, unsettling and can cause your furry friends a whole lot of stress.

So whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, if you’ve ordered MetroBOX full service mobile storage, you’ll want the best for your beloved pets. So here are some of our best tips for how to relax dog anxiety and keep your cat calm during the moving process.

Mobile Storage With Cats

storage and furniture removals with catsCats are typically territorial and are set in their routines. When you start packing and getting ready for your MetroBOX to arrive, you’re already breaking their routine and jumbling ‘their’ territory around. Although when you order a MetroBOX you’re not actually moving house, your cat probably doesn’t understand the difference and will most likely react the same way as if you are moving house: freak out and possibly run away.

Moving With Cats: Calming Methods

We’ve asked the experts and gathered the best advice about how to calm cats when your MetroBOX removalists arrive. They told us to lock your cat in a secure room before our removalists arrive. Make sure the room has their comfy cushion, litter box, food, water and preferably a small, enclosed space for them to hide in. It’s unlikely they’ll want to eat while they’re in there, especially if they sense something unusual going on in their home territory, but it will be a comfort for them to have it there.

Some experts even recommend having a radio turned on to mute the unusual sounds of furniture and boxes being moved outside the room. And others say soothing scents, like catnip or lavender, sprayed around the room will help keep your cats calm.

Slowly Release Your Cat Afterwards

Once our movers have finished packing up your MetroBOX and taken it away, your cat may still be a bit more skittish than usual. Try sealing up all the exits to the home before you open the door to their room. They may not want to come out at first, or they may make a break for it and run. Either way, let them take their time figuring out what’s different in their territory in their own sweet time. And if you’ve decided to store a fair bit of their favourite furniture, perhaps keep them indoors for a few days till they get used to the new arrangements.



Mobile Storage & Dog Anxiety

Whether you’ve got a Dachshund or a Doberman, your dog will most likely experience some level of anxiety when our removalists start moving your furniture out your front door. After all – isn’t it their duty to guard you and your territory?

Even without moving house, most dogs will take note of your packing and sorting processes in the days leading up to our arrival. Their behaviour may change, they may start messing up your sorting piles, or ‘hound’ your every move. In the days leading up to our arrival, we recommend you give them a bit of extra love, talk to them (your voice will be reassuring) and show them they are part of the family.

How To Relax Dogs While Your MetroBOX Is Being Loaded

dog anxiety

When your MetroBOX removalists arrive to load up your storage unit, it may not seem much different to your dog than regular removalists coming to move your home. So, as with house moving, the best option for your pooch would be to keep them somewhere else for the hour or two while we’re there. Then they won’t have to deal with the stress of watching, hearing or smelling people they are unfamiliar with removing belongings from their territory.

If that’s not possible, we recommend you keep your dog locked in a separate room with food, water and their doggy bed. If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, please try to have them locked up before we arrive. If they are okay with new people, you might prefer to introduce them to our movers before shutting them away in a room or out in the yard. That way your dog will see that you approve the movers being there. That will help relieve their anxiety when they start hearing unusual moving noises coming from the next room.

Right after we leave, make sure you give your pooch loads of love, some treats and let them explore and sniff out what’s different. If they’ve been restless in the room, reassure them after we go that you’re proud of their efforts to protect your property. After all, isn’t that their mission in life?

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