After you have tackled organising the kitchen and bathroom, it is time for the kids space.

Kids playrooms can get messy if there is no organisation in place for the kids to follow. With a few pieces of furniture, a ton of baskets and a few sets of rules, you can easily transform the playroom from a hot mess to a parents dream.

1. Get a cube storage shelves

Cube storage shelves are great pieces of furniture to place in your kids playroom. They come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect height for easy accessibility to suit kids of all ages. They are also deep enough to store larger toys, but not too deep so it doesn’t become a bottomless pit.

You can keep the shelves empty and place books or board games standing upright in the cubes, or you can place baskets or drawers in the cubes for toys and plushies.

IKEA Under The Bed Storage

2. Use baskets and tubs

Using baskets within the cube shelves are a great way to hide the clutter whilst also keeping it organised.

You can label each basket or use different coloured baskets for different categories of toys. Categorising each basket will also help your kids put their toys back once they’re done playing with them.

You can have separate baskets for dolls, cars, plushies, kitchen playware etc.

3. Colour coordinate books and board games

There are many different ways you can organise your books such as by genre, author or in alphabetical order. This is great when you first organise it, but it can easily become a mess if your kids don’t put them back in the correct area.

One of the best ways to organise books and board games are by colour. Group the books and board games within the same colour and place them on the shelf in rainbow order. Kids are great at recognising and learning with colour so it will also be easy for them to put the books and board games back in order.

The Container Store Over The Door Shoe Rack
Clothing Rack For Additional Hanging Storage

4. Hang costumes on a clothing rack

Costumes and play outfits often get thrown in a big basket or mixed in with your kids day-to-day clothes.

A great way to organise their costumes is to place them on a separate children’s clothing rack inside their playroom. Child’s clothing racks are great because they are low so it is easy for kids to reach and hanging them up keeps them neat and tidy.

5. Organise with clear drawers or containers

Clear plastic drawers and containers are great for organising and storing small bits and pieces such as Legos, art supplies, small dolls etc.

Clear containers are great because it allows you to see what is inside without having to open everything up.

They are especially great for sorting lego pieces out by colour and storing each colour in their own containers. This will also make it easier for your kids to find exactly what colour Legos they want during their play time.

IKEA Floating Shelf Bedside Table
IKEA Floating Shelf Bedside Table

6. Get a rolling art cart for the art supplies

Art supplies can easily get messy so one of the best ways to organise art supplies is with an art cart.

Using a three tier cart allows you to place all your crayons and markers on the top layer, the paint supplies on the middle layer and the colouring books and paper on the bottom layer.

It is an added bonus if you can get a cart on wheels as it allows for easy movement if the kids are doing their arts and crafts in their playroom or on the kitchen table.

7. Get storage within storage

You may have drawers for storage, but you also need to make sure each drawer is organised as well.

The best way to keep the drawers organised is to get storage within storage. Compartment organisers are perfect at separating smaller toys.

Having compartment organisers for each different toy will help your kids place things back in the correct spot.

IKEA Floating Shelf Bedside Table
IKEA Floating Shelf Bedside Table

8. Install narrow ledges

Narrow photo ledges are a great way for your kids to display their collectibles and small toys such as cars, figurines, dolls etc.

Hang them at eye level so your kids can easily take things off and on without needing your assistance.

They also do not take up too much space in a small area as the ledges are quite narrow.