The bedroom is the room where you will end and start each day, so it is important you love and feel comfortable in this space. Having things all over the floor or a cluttered closet will translate to how you feel. So if your excuse for a cluttered bedroom is the lack of storage space, here are 5 clever bedroom storage ideas for your sleeping space.

Whilst you’re organising your bedroom, you may as well tackle your ensuite at the same time. Find out about our 10 best storage hacks for your bathroom.

1. Store items under the bed

Beds take up the most space in the bedroom so storing items under the bed is a great way to create additional storage.

You can opt for a bed frame that is purposely built with storage such as a gas lift bed frame, an ottoman bed frame or a bed frame with drawers.

An alternative is a bed frame with tall legs or get bed risers to place under your existing bed frame so there is enough clearance to fit under bed storage containers.

IKEA Under The Bed Storage

2. Place a bench near the bed

Placing a bench in the bedroom is not only great as a seating area, but it is also great for storing extra shoes or extra bedding and pillows.

Benches are narrow and don’t take up too much room so they are an excellent dual purpose furniture item for bedrooms of all sizes.

They work great at the end of the bed in a master bedroom or along the window in the kids bedroom.

3. Use an over the door shoe rack

Using an over the door shoe rack is a great way to store your shoes whilst also saving space. These racks are narrow so they don’t take up too much space but they can hold a generous amount of shoes. You can place these racks over the closet door or over the main door to the bedroom.

There are also a few different types of over the door shoe racks available to suit your requirements and your budget. There are sturdier options available that are made out of metal or steel, or you can opt for a more lightweight option that is made out of fabric, PEVA or mesh.

An added bonus with over the door shoe racks is that they are renter friendly so they can be installed without drilling any holes and can easily be transported to a new home during a move.

The Container Store Over The Door Shoe Rack
Clothing Rack For Additional Hanging Storage

4. Get a clothing rack

If your wardrobe has minimal hanging space then double your hanging capacity with a free standing clothing rack. A clothing rack not only gives you extra storage space for your clothes, but it can also help dress up and decorate your room.

You can place all your jackets on the separate rack, or all your new items to remind you to wear that new sweater you just picked up. You can also get a clothing rack that includes a place at the bottom for your shoes and corners that you can hang your everyday bag from.

5. Use a floating shelf as a bedside table

If you have a narrow room or your bed is placed on a narrow wall, then you might not have enough space on either side of your bed to place bedside tables.

A great alternative to a bedside table is to install a small floating shelf on either side of your bed. You can find shelves of all different sizes or even make your own shelf so it will fit perfectly in your space. IKEA has great options within their LACK range or you can pop down to your local hardware store and get a piece of wood cut to size and paint it to the colour of your choice.

Shelves next to the bed are the perfect size to store small items such as your current favourite book, a pair of glasses and a glass of water. This is a much better solution to the alternative of placing them all over the floor and causing clutter around the bed.

You can even install two small shelves on top of each other to create double the space. The top shelf can be used for a small night light or reading lamp and the bottom shelf can be for all your nightly necessities such as your glasses, a trinket tray for your jewellery and a cup of chamomile tea.

IKEA Floating Shelf Bedside Table