It is often said that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but what if you love everything about your bathroom except the lack of storage? Minimal storage in a bathroom is not uncommon, but with a few hacks and storage ideas it is easy to create more storage in your small space with minimal effort. Keep reading to find out our 10 storage ideas for your small bathroom.

If your bathroom is not the only room in your house that is lacking storage, here are some of our best storage hacks for your kitchen as well.

Bathroom Wall Storage

1. Hang rails and hooks on the walls

When you are working with limited floor space in your small bathroom, the only direction to go is up. If you have limited under the sink storage and your linen cupboard is full, then hang towel racks on the walls for your spare towels. Roll your towels up to save space and play them in the towel racks. Another great way to maximise your wall space is to hang hooks on the walls. This is great for hanging towels to dry or for your bathrobe.

2. Get an above toilet standing shelf

If you live in a rental or don’t want to drill holes into your walls, an above toilet standing shelf is your best friend. These shelves are tall and narrow and sit comfortably above your toilet. They take up minimal floor space and utilise the wall behind the toilet for additional storage. They are great for storing extra toilet paper, towels and all your other bits and bobs in the bathroom.

3. Opt for a dual purpose mirror

Swap your mirror for a dual purpose mirror or medicine cabinet. When closed, you will have a beautiful mirror to use for touch ups or to apply your makeup with. When opened, you will have ample of space to store your toothbrushes, toothpaste, skincare and first aid kits. This also helps keep clutter off your vanity for a neat and minimalist appearance.

Bathroom Storage Jars

4. Place your cotton tips and cotton balls in jars

Remove your cotton tips and cotton balls from under your sink and place them in decorative jars out on your vanity. This will free up space under your sink whilst also decorating your bathroom at the same time. You can use glass jars, amber bottles, clear acrylic holders or marble canisters; get creative!

5. Opt for a tiered shower caddy

If you are working with a small bath or shower then a tiered shower caddy will give you all the extra storage you need. They take up minimal space, but provide you several layers of shelves for your bottles of shampoo, condition and body wash. Get a tiered shower caddy so you never have to put your bottles on the shower floor again.

6. Use the back of the doors on your vanity sink

You may think your storage under your vanity sink is maxed out and completely full, but you have forgotten about the doors. Hanging slimline, light-weight shelves behind the doors are a great way to create additional storage. It is great to store small items such as make up, hair ties or bobby pins. You can also purchase over the cabinet storage racks that hang nicely on your vanity sink doors if you would rather opt for a temporary solution.

Bathroom Shelving Storage

7. Place a ladder shelf in the bathroom

Ladder shelves are popular in bedrooms, living rooms and studies, but they also work great in the bathroom. They are slim and narrow and don’t take up too much space, whilst looking stylish at the same time. They are great for your extra towels, perfume, cotton tips, cotton wipes or all your bathroom necessities.

8. Get a wrap around shelf for your pedestal sink

So you’ve just moved into a new place and realised that you have a pedestal sink in your bathroom with no storage. Don’t worry, a wrap around shelf will be the solution to your storage problems. Wrap around shelves are free standing shelves that have a cut out at the back to allow space for the pedestal sink.

9. Hang baskets on the walls

You probably already use baskets placed on the floor as additional storage in areas around your house, but have you thought about hanging them on the walls? Baskets make great decoration pieces but are also great for neatly storing your belongings. When hanging the basket, you want to place the basket on its side with the bottom of the basket facing the wall. Roll up your towels and place them in the basket for storage and decor.

10. Opt for a narrow laundry hamper

If you prefer to have your laundry hamper in your bathroom rather than your closet, then opt for a narrow laundry hamper to save space. Ditch your round bulky laundry hamper and choose a tall and narrow laundry hamper that takes up less square meterage. You can also choose collapsible laundry hampers so they can easily be put away when not in use.