So you love everything about your home except the lack of storage in the kitchen. Before you start looking at new places to live, try and utilise the space you have and make the most out of your small kitchen. With just a few organisation and storage hacks, you can create plenty of storage in your small kitchen.

Magnetic Spice Jars

1. Swap to magnetic spice jars

If your cupboards are getting cluttered with all your spice, herbs and seasoning jars, then using magnetic spice jars is the perfect solution for you. You can place your magnetic jars on your appliances such as your fridge or range hood, or you can also hang a magnetic board on your pantry door. A display of magnetic spice jars will make it easy to see all your seasoning options at a quick glance and also gives you easy access to your herbs and spices when you’re cooking.

2. Store items vertically using file racks

If you are limited with cupboard space then storing items vertically will help maximise your cupboards for more storage. A great way to keep your cutting boards, bakeware, pans and lids in an upright position is to use a file rack that is normally used to store paper, files, books etc. Metal file racks can easily be found at your local office supplies store such as Officeworks or in the stationary section of your local retail store such as Kmart and Target.

3. Put label on your containers

Placing all your dry goods into clear containers not only makes your pantry look great, but also makes it easier to see all the food you have on hand. Take it to the next level by labelling each container to make it easy to identify what is inside the jar. You can use a label maker, hand write them on with a marker or get custom labels from Etsy.

4. Use shelf risers to create two shelves from one

If you have wasted space in your tall cabinets, then a great way to make the most space is to use shelf risers. Shelf risers help create two shelves from one and allow you to use up the entire cabinet from top to bottom. You can put your plates under and your bowls on top of the shelf riser rather than stacking them on top of each other. Shelf risers also make it easier to get things in and out of your cabinet as you don’t have to stack your items on top of each other. The IKEA Variera are great affordable, sturdy shelf risers that are easily accessible.

5. Get a magnetic knife rack

If you are working with limited counter space then replace your countertop knife holder with a magnetic knife rail instead. Magnetic knife rails can be attached to a wall near your prep area giving you easy access to your knives. Be sure to choose a good quality magnetic knife rack. If the magnet is too weak then your knives will fall off and if the magnet is too strong then it will be hard to take your knives off the rail.

6. Use the narrow space between your fridge and wall

The narrow space between your fridge and the wall does not have to be wasted. This is a great space to store narrow items such as spice jars or brooms. Measure the width of space you have between your fridge and wall and find a suitable narrow shelf on wheels that can nicely fit in the gap. The narrow shelves are great for storing spice jars, sauce, condiments, cans etc. If you don’t have enough space for a narrow shelf, you can also hang a broom hanger rack on the wall and store your brooms in this small gap.

7. Get a portable island bench

If you are limited with counter space in your one wall kitchen, get a portable island bench to create more counter space for prep work. Portable islands are great as they can be moved around to different areas of your home when needed. You can use it to cut and prep your food when cooking or also as an additional table if you have guests over. Get a portable island that has additional storage underneath and hooks on the side so it is multi purpose.

8. Hang a paper towel rail

Swap your paper towel holder for a rail that can be hung on a wall or behind the pantry door. This will clear up counter space and also makes it easier to grab a paper towel when needed. If you live in a rental and cannot drill into the wall, not to fear as you can find paper towel rails that hang over the door or use double sided adhesive.

9. Use a lazy susan or pantry turntable to organise

Many of us have products sitting at the back of our pantry that we have forgotten about as they are out of sight and out of mind. Use a lazy susan or turntable to organise your products in your cabinets or fridge. As you can rotate your items, this helps you see everything you have on hand and can minimise food wastage.

10. Use the tops of your cabinets

If your cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, use the empty space on top of your cabinets for additional storage. Place infrequently used items in baskets or decorative containers and place them on top of your cabinets. Baskets are great as they serve both decorative and storage purposes. Try and use baskets and containers that have a lid to prevent dust.