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Door to Door MetroBOX
Mobile Removals & Storage

Our professional removals & storage experts pick up and pack your storage into mobile storage units.

Then we keep it safe till you’re ready for us to bring it back whenever you need it.

Too Easy!

Storing baby furniture ready for #2

That’s cool, but how much can each MetroBOX store?

1 MetroBOX from $99 per month

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1 MetroBOX from $99 per month

Book 1 MetroBOX

2 MetroBOXes from $189 per month

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3 MetroBOXes from $297 per month

Book 3 MetroBOXes

4 MetroBOXes from $396 per month

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Fit More In A MetroBOX

Each MetroBOX can hold up to 10m3.

That’s big enough for our pro removalists & storage experts to pack
an entire 1 bedroom apartment inside!

What can fit in 1 MetroBOX?

  A King size bed
+ Dining table
+ Fridge
+ Washing machine
+ 3 seater couch
+ TV
+ Big chest of drawers
+ 4 chairs
+ 10 Boxes

Call for MetroBOX Mobile Storage When …

You don’t have a big car?

MetroBOX door-to-door mobile storage services can pick up and deliver your storage any day of the week!

You don’t have time?

Our removal & storage specialists can load a full MetroBOX in about an hour.
That’s a whole 1 bedroom apartment stored and sorted in 1 hour!

You can’t physically lift and load your storage?

No strain. No stress. Our professional removalists will do all the heavy lifting for you.

You want to make sure your belongings are kept safe in storage?

Our careful removalists professionally wrap and pad your delicate furniture storage with free furniture blankets under your watchful eye. Then they transport your locked MetroBOX mobile storage units to our state-of-the-art storage facility. And you keep the only key!

Metrobox moving
No coordinating separate removalists and storage companies.
MetroBOX is your fast & easy one-stop mobile storage shop!

Get MetroBOX Easy Mobile Storage & Take A Load Off!

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Top Questions From Our Customers

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Before your MetroBOX leaves your property, you lock it and keep the only key. Then we transport the entire unit to our nearest modern, secure storage facility where we have top of the line, 24/7 video surveillance. That’s where it remains safe inside, away from the harsh Aussie elements, such as the heat, cold, rain and pests.

Our professionally trained removalists wrap and pad all your furniture for storage securely and professionally with our complimentary furniture pads, protective plastic sheeting and blankets. This keeps your belongings safely immobile within the MetroBOX during transportation and prevents rubbing or scratching. We also use furniture straps to hold all your items securely in place within the MetroBOX, so there’s less chance of displacement during transit.

Our MetroBOX storage units are made from a durable composite of structural wood that has been built to last. The wood has absorbent qualities that breathe, which protects your furniture from moisture and mildew (often a problem with steel or shipping container storage units).

Because MetroBOX storage is faster, easier and more secure. At MetroBOX, our trained, professional storage and removals teams do all the heavy lifting for you and know how to wrap, pad, stack and secure your goods efficiently and quickly to fit more into your MetroBOX. That means you save yourself time and can safely fit more into each MetroBOX unit!

Yes, but only if you bring your belongings to our nearest secure facility for loading. That’s what we call our self-storage option. We only transport MetroBOXes when we are doing all the packing and loading and cannot leave them at your property.   

Yes, our MetroBOXes are perfect for fast and easy office storage solutions as well. With our professional removalists doing all the heavy lifting, you can have your business materials, equipment or furniture loaded up, stored and secure in less than an hour! Too easy!