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We bring it. We load it. We store it. Done.


We Take the 'Self' Out of Self Storage

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We load

Two professional removalists arrive with your MetroBOX to load it for you.


We load

Two professional removalists arrive with your MetroBOX to load it for you.


You lock

When we've loaded your MetroBOX, you lock it with your FREE padlock.


We store

We store your MetroBOX at one of our modern, secure, monitored storage facilities.


We unload

We bring your MetroBOX to your home or office on a date and time that suits you.

Our Storage Calculator

That's cool, but how many MetroBOXes do I need?

1 MetroBOX from $99 per month

You Can Fit Heaps in a MetroBOX

MetroBOX storage unit dimensions
MetroBOX furniture

You can fit almost any large household item into a MetroBOX: from a king sized bed to a large fridge or even a 3-seater lounge!

Internal Volume
2.4m(H) x 2.3m(D) x 1.7m(W)

We Care

Our reputation rests on the quality care of your belongings.

Expert Care

Your fragile and large items are professionally wrapped and padded in our FREE furniture blankets.

Save $$$

All extras are included in our fixed price loading service.

Free access

Whenever you need access to your MetroBox, give us a call and we'll have it ready and waiting.


We'll re-deliver your MetroBOX to your door and even unload it for you!

Easy mobile storage
What our happy customers say

Why MetroBOX? #1 in Mobile Storage

Metro Box was a lot cheaper than my usual storage place. They brought the boxes to my house and loaded everything for me with a whole lot of blankets. Really impressed. Def recommend.


Chatswood, NSW

If I could give a 6 star rating, I would! Very professional + great service.


Ryde, NSW

Knowledgeable office staff, well trained movers, good price. All in all, a very good experience.


Camberwell, VIC

You’re gold! I booked re-delivery online from overseas and got all my stuff the day after I got back home – didn’t miss a step!


Glen Waverly, VIC
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Top Questions From Our Customers

What is mobile self storage? Why is it better form me than other self storage options?

Mobile self storage is called ‘mobile’ because the storage unit is brought to you. Traditional self storage means you need to pack, lift, load and transport all your things to a storage facility all by yourself. It takes a whole lot more time than most people factor in and can also damage your back and your belongings in the process.

At MetroBOX, we even take the ‘self’ out of the equation because we will also professionally load up your boxes. You simply have to lock it up on the spot and keep the key. The rest of the transport, unloading and storage is all on us.

Is my MetroBOX safe and secure at your storage facility?

After your MetroBOX leaves your property, it’s transported directly to our modern, secure storage facility where we have top of the line, 24/7 surveillance and security. It is then stored inside, away from the harsh Aussie elements, such as heat, cold, rain and pests.

That’s why MetroBOX is one of the easiest and safest storage options available in either Melbourne or Sydney!

How does MetroBOX protect my stored furniture and belongings?

All your furniture is securely wrapped and padded with our complimentary furniture pads, protective plastic sheeting and blankets. This keeps your belongings safely immobile within the MetroBOX during transit and stops them from even rubbing or scratching against each other or the MetroBOX walls. We also used straps to hold any items securely in place when required.

What materials are the MetroBOX storage pods made from?

Our MetroBOXes are made from a durable composite of structural wood that has been built to last. The wood has absorbent qualities that help protect your furniture from moisture and mildew that are often a problem with steel or shipping container storage unit options.

What are the benefits of having professional storage movers load my MetroBOX over loading it myself?

At MetroBOX, our trained, professional removalist team do all the heavy lifting for you. We know how to wrap, pad, stack and secure your goods to fit more into your MetroBOX. Plus each item is padded, protected and secured inside the box, so there’s less chance of displacement.

There’s also the added benefit of not having to wrap, lift, carry, and stack things yourself - saving you time, stress and the aches and pains that go along with it.

Can I load my MetroBOX on my own?

Yes, but you can only self-load your own MetroBOX at our secure storage site. In that case, you'll need to bring all your belongings to our storage site yourself.

Can I store my goods before/ after I move interstate?

Of course! MetroBOX makes moving interstate between Melbourne and Sydney easy, efficient and stress-free. Book your redelivery once you’re all ready and settled. You just get yourself there. We’ll look after your stuff!